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Usha Sadhwani, MPH

Usha, I want to thank you so very much for your assistance with helping Megan pass her Math GEE.   Math has never come easy for Megan.  With her special needs, it has always been a challenge in getting through to her to help her learn it.  I felt you worked very well with her, keeping her on track, and letting her know that you were not going to give up on her.  Due to your help, she was able to process the lessons in a way that made it easier for her to not only retain it, but able to pull it up when taking her test.  Thanks to you we have finally passed and will be walking the stage June 6th to receive our diploma. Thank you! 

-Mother of a special needs student   

 I truly greatly appreciate everything you are trying to do for him. I am truly blessed to have you as his teacher! I wish I had a teacher like you too! Thanks for being so patient and so dedicated. I truly appreciate it. We'll keep working on getting him back on track.    

-Mother of a twelve-year old   

Usha, We are thoroughly elated with the progress my daughter was able to accomplish on her ACT scores.  Thank you so much for all of your hard work and efforts.  Because of your teaching skills and understanding, she was able to do what her teachers said was nearly impossible! The hard work really paid off and we can never thank you enough; in fact, I hope to be using your services in helping get her well-grounded for College.  She has been officially offered one scholarship to a four year University and two other Universities assure me that they will be offering her merit scholarships as soon as they make it official. I am attaching her ACT Scores before and after her studies with you.   

 October 2014 to February 2015:

English  16 up 5 pts 21   

Math           13 up 4 pts 17 

Reading      20 up 8 pts 28 

Science       16 up 3 pts 19

Composite  16 up 5 pts 21 

-Mother of a ACT Student   

#1 Recommended

Usha is the very best you can ever hope of hiring. My son has a less severe form of cerebral palsy. She was very patient with him, training him to pass the ITBS the Iowa Test of Basic Skills for entrance into Ben Franklin High School. Thanks so much!!! Next stop UC Berkeley.

  -Father of a special needs student


I highly recommend Ms. Usha to anyone seeking help with reaching their educational goals. After only 2 1/2 weeks (about 6 sessions) of studying with Ms. Usha I drastically improved my math skills from a 7th grade level to college level!! I learned so much while working with her, and she reminds me to stay positive every step of the way which also helped me to gain the confidence I needed to pass my entrance exam. Thanks to Ms. Usha I am now a college student!  -Student   

 I am very pleased with the results of our tutoring sessions. Usha's teaching approach was gentle and straight forward.  She taught my daughter many creative methods of learning that has had an everlasting effect on her. It was a great investment.   -Mother of a 4th grader        

When I first began high school I was bloody horrid at math, now I'm getting a very solid B+. my tutor Usha helped me understand the alien language of math. She is a Math God! I am Most Improved Math Student of 2017!  -Student      

Previous classmate of mine who excelled in all she did! he has a sharp mind, is an excellent communicator, and truly cares about doing the best job possible. You couldn't ask for a better tutor!  -Coworker           

My son is actually smiling about math. Never seen that before!    

 -Parent of Eighth Grader


OMG I got a 91 out of 100 on my test that me and Usha studied for. :D I am sooo happy! She is a great tutor. I have her helping me right now and I'm making awesome grades now. She teaches me to study all kinds of different ways and she is really fun to be around. She is my tutor and friend now. I love her sooo much :D !  -Student Client of Two Years


She is great! My son really connects with her. 

-Parent of Fifth Grader


I improved on my ACT and now can get TOPS! My English went up 5 points and Science and Reading was good. Thanks so much for helping me! 

-ACT Student